How to Securely Share Files Between Companies

Every business has a lot of files to share, including invoices plans, agreements, and invoices, along with videos, images, datasheets and designs. However, sharing files isn’t without its difficulties. Large file sizes, formats that aren’t compatible slow download and upload speeds, timed transfer links, and security risks are common obstacles when Full Report it comes to sending files.

It’s important to protect sensitive information when working with clients, vendors or other third party. Recent breaches of data have made it more urgent for businesses to reconsider their relationship with external organizations. It is crucial to think about the security of any file-sharing tool or service before implementing it on your team.

Whether you’re sending a file to a customer, a third-party vendor or an employee, the appropriate file-sharing solution can help simplify the process to share and receive files. Here are some ways you can securely send files and receive feedback, all in one location.


FileCloud is an enterprise-grade, robust solution for collaboration and sharing of files. It’s simple to customize FileCloud with your company logo colors, colors, and more to create an branded enterprise file-sharing platform. This helps build brand recognition and makes it more convenient for your team to use. You can also set up an admin dashboard with user portals, a user dashboard, and customized messages to meet the needs of your business. Learn more about how FileCloud can help improve your workflow here.

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